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Orthodontic Department

The Orthodontic Department at the Baylor College of Dentistry was created through the efforts Dr. Robert Gaylord and Dr. Tom Matthews in 1961, with the first graduating class presented in 1963.  Since that time over 250 Orthodontists have received their training within the department.  In September 1996, Baylor College of Dentistry became a member of The Texas A&M University System, and today is a component of The A&M System Health Science Center. 



Baylor Quality Orthodontics Conveys the Tradition, Pride and Excellence that the Department of Orthodontics of TAMU Baylor College of Dentistry is Known for.  We Expect our Residents to Practice “Baylor Quality Orthodontics” in Everything Done Within our Hallowed Walls Including Outstanding Patient Care, Immaculate Records and Excellent Research.  We Strive to Produce Elite Graduates who are Expected to Become ABO Certified Life-Long Learners Devoting Their Lives to Creating Beautiful Smiles While Practicing "Baylor Quality Orthodontics

 3302 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75246

Main Clinic Number 214-828-8123

Current Faculty and Staff

Phillip Campbell     Robert E. Gaylord Endowed Chair, Orthodontic Department Chairman

Richard F. Ceen        
 Clinical Professor and Former Department Chairman   

Peter H. Buschang    
Regents Professor and Director of Orthodontic Research   

Reginald Taylor       Associate Professor and Director of Pre-Doctoral Orthodontics

Katie Julien  
Assistant Professor and Clinic Director

Larry Tadlock  Clinical Assistant Professor and Program Director

Jami Elkins       Administrative Coordinator     214-828-8172

Drucilla Lewis        Clinic Coordinator            214-828-8969

Stan Richardson     Lab Coordinator                     214-828-8124 


Baylor Orthodontic Faculty, Residents and Staff 2014


Announcing the Fifty Fifth Class!
The Class of 2018

Sarah George Louisiana State University

Aaron Crossley Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry

Danielle Leeper University of Missouri Kansas City

Keith Anderson Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry

Katie Beggs Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry

Mary Hoffman Oregon Health Sciences University

Announcing the Fifty Forth Class!
The Class of 2017

Blerta Abdi
Nova Southeastern University

 Charlene Garcia

Austin Hodges

Patrick Hodges

Kathryn Preston
University of California, Los Angeles

Mike Ross

Announcing the Fifty Third Class!
The Class of 2016

Lauren Palazzolo

University  of Michigan

Kim Rogers


Alec Rice

Southern Illinois University

Danielle Geshay


Chris Cramer


Kristina Christoph

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Announcing the Fifty Second Class!
The Class of 2015

Britney Bare
Medical University of South Carolina

John Feusier
University of the Pacific

]ason Morris
University of Southern California

Kelly Owen
Baylor College of Dentistry

David White

Brittany Wright
University of North Carolina

The Class of 2014

Bradley Buchwald
Nova Southeastern University

Chadd Capps

Kim Fretty

Ben Martin
University of Pennsylvania

Ross Pulver
University of the Pacific

Peter Truong

The Class of 2013

Bryan Hsu 

Christopher Chau

Lauren Rennick
University of North Carolina

Martin Schellinck
University of Pacific

Matthew Brown
Baylor College Of Dentistry

Patricia Park
University of Maryland


Announcing the Forty-Ninth Class!
The Class of 2012

Cecelia Cuairan
Universidad Intercontinental, Mexico

Collin Kraus

Matthew McBride

Lauren Ohlenforst

Stephen Ruso

Aaron Swaap


Congratulations to The Forty-Eighth Class
The Class of 2010









 The Forty-Seventh Class
The Class of 2009









The Forty-Sixth Class
The Class of 2008







*Legend for the Photo above:
Seated:  Waneta (with a “W”) Bennett (deceased). Standing front row left to right:  Phil Campbell, Bob Northway (deceased), Jim Phelan, Robert E. Gaylord (deceased), Marvin Stephens, Don Cope     Last rows:  Ed Owens, Tom Weirich, Van Nowlin, Joe Ainsworth, Phil LaHaye, Jay Arnette, Barry James

2008 Faculty and Residents

2008 Faculty and Residents

Below is a Photo Album of the New Clinical Facility completed in 2008!

Long-term stability: Postretention changes of the mandibular anterior teeth

Scott A. Myser,a Phillip M. Campbell,b Jim Boley,c and Peter H. Buschang

395.3 KB

Prevalence of white spot lesion formation during orthodontic treatment
Katie C. Juliena; Peter H. Buschangb
; Phillip M. Campbell

318.8 KB

Female adolescent craniofacial growth spurts: real or fiction?

Peter H. Buschang*, Helder B. Jacob* and Arto Demirjian

2013_Growth_spurts.pdf591.9 KB

Effect of force on alveolar bone surrounding miniscrew implants: A 3-dimensional microcomputed tomography study

Christopher C. Massey,a Elias Kontogiorgos,b Reginald Taylor,c Lynne Opperman,d Paul Dechow,d and Peter H. Buschang

1.6 MB

Accelerating Tooth Movement With Corticotomies: Is It Possible and Desirable?

Peter H. Buschang, Phillip M. Campbell, and Stephen Ruso

950.3 KB

Vertical control in Class II hyperdivergent growing patients using miniscrew implants: a pilot study

Peter H. Buschang a, *, Helder B. Jacob a, Michael P. Chaffee

521.6 KB

Differences in craniofacial and dental characteristics of adolescent Mexican Americans and European Americans
Eric Vela,a Reginald W. Taylor,b Phillip M. Campbell,c and Peter H. Buschang

357.4 KB

Does the amount of filler content in sealants used to prevent decalcification on smooth enamel surfaces really matter?

Lauren Van Bebbera; Phillip M. Campbellb; Allen L. Honeymanc; Robert Spearsc; Peter H. Buschang

1.4 MB

How does the rate of dentoalveolar distraction affect the bone regenerate produced?

Adam C. Spencer,a Phillip M. Campbell,b Paul Dechow,c Michael L. Ellis,d and Peter H. Buschang

1.5 MB

Effects of latency on the quality and quantity of bone produced by dentoalveolar distraction osteogenesis

Cody Moore,a Phillip M. Campbell,b Paul C. Dechow,c Michael L. Ellis,d and Peter H. Buschang

1.1 MB

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